Samsung Galaxy J3 User Manual PDF & User Guide Download

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Samsung Galaxy J3 Manual PDF Download For Windows 7, 8, 10

The Samsung Galaxy J3 is what you’d get if you lay out to produce a Samsung Galaxy S7 with approximately a third of the budget. Where a costly handset might use metal or glass, here you will find plastic. The J3 is not brassy, and also the thin plastic battery cover feels like a trip down memory lane: Samsung used to make use of these in just about every one its mobiles, even the pricey ones. None of this matters when we’re talking about a #150 handset, however; a cheap phone feeling only a little cheap is not any disaster.

Samsung Galaxy J3 Feature

However, yet there are lots of strong parts into this Samsung Galaxy J-3 design too. It’s slim, light, and its own footprint is similar to that of this Samsung Galaxy S7.

Samsung Galaxy J3

This is a comfortable and practical form and size. Samsung has led several additional pennies towards making the central select button texture well too. It’s one of the few metal parts on the device and shares the ultra-pronounced click experienced on Samsung’s top notch phones.

Samsung Galaxy J3 Design

Also that a standout feature is the addition of NFC, although this might readily have been countered by the telephone without the budget viewer even noticing. There’s only 8GB storage, but, that is already strained by the preinstalled Office bundle. Within just a few days, I’d run out of storage. I’d much rather have 16-GB storage than NFC at a phone of the price tag so that even as we’ll see, suspicious priorities are a theme of this Samsung Galaxy J3.

Samsung Galaxy J3 Manual PDF Download

Samsung Galaxy J3 Specs

  • Display5.00-inch.
  • Processor1.5GHz quad-core.
  • Front Camera5-megapixel.
  • Resolution720x1280 pixels.
  • RAM1.5GB.
  • OSAndroid 5.1.
  • Storage8GB.
  • Rear Camera8-megapixel.

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